+NEW+ bdr body serie

It took more than 2 years of development time for the new bdr body series, according to the motto: “Do it with passion or not at all”! The new bdr body series is not just a care series, body series is a skin workout!

All products not only have an immediate effect, but also develop after 4-6 weeks and longer if used regularly.

  • up to 26% smoother skin after only 1 hour
  • up to 56% firmer neck skin in only 6 weeks
  • up to 38% less wrinkles
  • 50% volume-reduction of expansion stiffeners and 30% less depth*.
    (* Data of the manufacturer Goldeneye Permanent Systems GmbH)

The new bdr body series consists of the following products:

  • Re-action body – to prepare the skin before bathing/showering, apply to the entire dry body and remove after 10-15 minutes with plenty of water.
  • Contour body – Body contour and smart collagen management for that extra portion of firmness, radiance and homogeneity of the skin surface.
  • Contour neck – Protects against oxidative stress and environmental influences, absorbs quickly without weighing down without leaving any residue on clothing and hair.
  • Re-firm – The active ingredient combination of plant peptides and 3D network molecules fades fine lines and smoothes the surface of the skin.

All four products are now available in the beautystudio-stollberg Munich and via beautystudio shop.

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