Rf-Micro Needling

Compared to simple needling, fractional micro needling with radio frequency is much more effective. The wafer-thin needles (50 golden needles) perforate the skin and the radio frequency emits a heat impulse in the depth of the tissue.
In this way, the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, is not stressed: at most, you will see a slight reddening, but a beautiful tightening effect immediately after the treatment.
For the full wrinkle-smoothing effect, several treatments are necessary and your mirror will show you the results in 2-3 months.
The RF impulses emitted by the device stimulate the formation of collagen, and after several weeks this is shown to result in firmer and smoother skin. A highly efficient, almost painless procedure. For clients who prefer a non-invasive method of treatment, we work with a special head that does not deposit the RF impulse directly in the dermis, but radiates it through the epidermis.
Naturally, part of the energy is lost in the epidermis, so the initial signal energy must be increased accordingly. Result: good, but more painful than the invasive procedure.
With the invasive treatment method, on the other hand, wafer-thin needle electrodes penetrate directly into the treatment target dermis without loss of energy in the epidermis. Only then is the RF pulse switched on. Because the heat radiation does not have to pass through the horny layer and epidermis, the upper, visible layer of skin is protected. There is therefore much less visible redness, the treatment is less painful and the effect is also better.
Both methods are particularly suitable for wrinkles, scars and sagging, hanging connective tissue. Ideally, if daily collagen boosting is also carried out between two treatments, e.g. with our Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10, it is quicker. In combination with daily LIA protection, nothing stands in the way of young and healthy skin.