HiFu in Motion

Unlike other non-surgical techniques, HiFU acts specifically not only on collagen and elastin fibres, but also on SMAS (stands for Superfacial Muscular Aponeurosis System, also known as SMAS tissue). SAMS is the layer to which the muscles of the face and soft tissue adhere. The targeted heating of this layer with HiFU causes the deep skin structure to contract.
Natural regeneration processes are used to gradually restore the elasticity of skin and connective tissue. There is a broad consensus among experts that this tissue layer must be reached in order to achieve long-lasting and effective results.
A treatment with focused ultrasound waves without damaging the skin surface, thus achieving effective skin, fascia and muscle tightening without the use of a scalpel. The new “In Motion” technology does not work selectively, but over the entire surface.
The following areas are suitable for this:
    • Neck region – Décolleté
    • Chin
    • Cheeks
    • Eyebrow area – Forehead

The tightening of the tissue can be seen and felt immediately, and increases over the course of several weeks after the treatment – depending on the extent of the problem, two sessions may be sufficient, or you can divide the skin areas into several treatments.