BeautyClean Behandlung

Beauty Clean

Facial treatment

The treatment (duration approx. 45 minutes) is painless and can be performed on all skin types. It is performed in 4 + 1 steps with a special liquid-vacuum technology. This means that a vacuum is simultaneously combined with the deep penetration of hydrated liquid solutions, thus ensuring the purity of the skin.
Small wrinkles are padded up, dry skin is lastingly moisturized, impure skin or skin prone to acne is cleansed. Hyperpigmentation is also reduced with regular treatment.
Result: a radiant, clean, fresh, smooth and perfectly moisturized skin with an even glow effect.
Recommendation: Beauty treatment with 5 treatments in intervals of 1 to 2 weeks. Afterwards a treatment in regular intervals of about 1 month is recommended.
Zur Verbesserung bei
    • Wrinkles
    • big pores
    • dehydrated skin
    • unclean skin
    • Hyperpigmentations
    • general improvement of skin appearance after one treatment
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