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Cosmetic institute reopened from 11 May

Now that the Bavarian Minister President Dr. Markus Söder is gradually relaxing or scaling back the corona measures for many areas and industries, we are not only allowed to reopen our beauty salon from Monday, 11.05.2020, but we are also allowed to offer and carry out cosmetic treatments again under considerable protective and hygiene measures. We are very pleased to be able to inform you about this!
We ask our customers to arrange treatment appointments by telephone. Please remember that the hygienic measures require, among other things, that only one customer may be treated in the studio at a time. This requires preparatory and finishing work (sterilising the equipment, treatment couch etc.). All this requires a higher expenditure of time and therefore it is necessary that we make the appointments accordingly. Please call 0170 2346696 to make an appointment.


beautystudio-stollberg und Corona-Virus

Our cosmetic studio is currently temporarily closed due to the state ordered corona measures!

If and when treatment appointments can take place again is not foreseeable at the moment. As soon as this situation has normalized, we will announce this in this beautyblog.
If you need care products, please order them in our shop! We deliver all products free of charge (only DE) by DHL! 
Please visit this blog from time to time to get this and other information.
You can reach us by phone under +49 (0)170 2346696!
Stay healthy in these unprecedented times and take care of yourself and your loved ones so that we can meet again in better times!

Hilde Ederer


Now the sun can come!*

Heat and light are a blessing for our soul and have a lot of positive influence on our health! With a little training for the skin in the sun and the right care afterwards, our skin will feel really good! *

Dr. E. Voss LIA C6 Tagescreme
Dr. E. Voss Sensi Care LSF30 100ml

Before sunbathing

Spend some time in the sun in preparation for sunnier days! 15 minutes a day is enough. With the normal LIA day cream and body lotion the skin is saturated with emulsifier-free creams and negative symptoms such as “Mallorca acne” are avoided. The cause of the unattractive Mallorca acne is based on the base of ordinary sun creams on emulsifier containing basis. Emulsifiers penetrate deep into the hair follicle and cause irritation in combination with UV generated radicals. This leads to pus pimples and pustules. So you can forget the first three days of your holiday.

During the sunbath

Emulsifier and perfume-free LMS – sun protection cream with the highest protection class! For strong sunlight even in southern latitudes and for sensitive skin. It prevents sunburn and light-induced aging. Also ideal for babies and children.

After sunbathing

The following favourites are suitable for calming the skin and replenishing it with valuable moisture and minerals: Hyaderm N for intensive skin calming, even in case of sunburn. The Cool Clay Mineral Mask for cooling down and the kick of moisture. Fresh Eyes for cooling care of the stressed eye area. Your secret weapon for happy summer skin!

Dr. E. Voss HYA 4 Hyderm N
Dr. E. Voss Cool Clay Mineralmaske
Dr. E. Voss Fresh Eyes Roller

*) Author of this article is Dr.E.Voss (from EVBC GmbH Dr.E.Voss Professional Care)


+NEW+ bdr body serie

It took more than 2 years of development time for the new bdr body series, according to the motto: “Do it with passion or not at all”! The new bdr body series is not just a care series, body series is a skin workout!

All products not only have an immediate effect, but also develop after 4-6 weeks and longer if used regularly.

  • up to 26% smoother skin after only 1 hour
  • up to 56% firmer neck skin in only 6 weeks
  • up to 38% less wrinkles
  • 50% volume-reduction of expansion stiffeners and 30% less depth*.
    (* Data of the manufacturer Goldeneye Permanent Systems GmbH)

The new bdr body series consists of the following products:

  • Re-action body – to prepare the skin before bathing/showering, apply to the entire dry body and remove after 10-15 minutes with plenty of water.
  • Contour body – Body contour and smart collagen management for that extra portion of firmness, radiance and homogeneity of the skin surface.
  • Contour neck – Protects against oxidative stress and environmental influences, absorbs quickly without weighing down without leaving any residue on clothing and hair.
  • Re-firm – The active ingredient combination of plant peptides and 3D network molecules fades fine lines and smoothes the surface of the skin.

All four products are now available in the beautystudio-stollberg Munich and via beautystudio shop.

Buy Dr. E. Voss products online with password only!

From sales and marketing founders of our manufacturer Dr.E.Voss you need a customer password for online ordering of Dr.E.Voss Professional Care products. After entering the password, the product category will be visible and can be ordered. This password will be sent to you by e-mail by clicking on the button (further down after text) “Request password”.

If you have any questions about online orders in general or if you have problems logging in with your password, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Please click on the button Callback requested and enter your telephone number and the time of the callback. We will then contact you by phone at the desired time – promised!

BeautyClean Behandlung

Hello radiant and beautiful skin!

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Interview with Hilde about the new Beauty Clean device

For some time now, the beautystudio-stollberg in Munich has been offering a highly efficient facial treatment: Beauty Clean – Hydroabrasion – the latest skin care technology from Dr. E. Voss!
Hydroabrasion uses the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly renew the skin without the use of hard crystals or abrasive textured rods, producing well cared for and healthier looking skin.
The treatment procedure with Beauty Clean is individually adapted to the personal skin condition of each customer. The treatment is painless and can be performed on all skin types. Small wrinkles are padded up, dry skin is lastingly moisturized, impure or acne-prone skin is cleaned, oily skin is regulated. Hyperpigmentation is also reduced with regular treatment.
The result is radiant, clean, firm and well supplied with blood. In most cases, a visible improvement of the skin can be seen after just one treatment with Beauty Clean. The smoothing result and the moisturizing of the skin last for several days.
We recommend at the beginning of a beauty treatment with 5 treatments at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks to achieve a significant improvement of small wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin impurities. Subsequently, a treatment at regular intervals of about 1 month is recommended.
treatment video (in German language

Order premium products online

Our product lines bdr, Dr.E.Voss, and mesoestetic are used daily by all customers at beautystudio-stollberg. Of course we also recommend the use of these products for home care, so that the results of the treatment(s) achieved last as long as possible.
In order that you can always replenish or renew your daily need of products, we offer with our online shop an additional online shopping possibility of these products.
Please note that for the category Dr.E.Voss Professional Care you need a password to order. You can find further information here.